Publishing Rights: How Do They Get Split?

Publishing rights in the music industry are created with the intention to give musicians/songwriters a way to generate income. The publishing rights can be contributed for profit-sharing, royalties, or management fees. A number of factors and circumstances are considered when determining the amount of publishing rights that a songwriter owns, including the level of the songwriter’s success in album sales […]

Choosing Your First Guitar

So, you want to learn how to play guitar? Guitars are an important part of many people’s lives. There are different types, styles, and colors of guitars that cater to different personalities and preferences. Not everyone knows what they need to know before they purchase a guitar. Some people might be able to read the manual or talk to a […]

5 Must-Haves for Your Home Recording Studio

Even though home recording was once a niche market, it has now become the mainstream. The demand for quality audio continues to increase. There are many things that you will need to set up a studio for your home recording. And not just any setup will do, you have to consider many factors that can make or break your studio. […]

Things To Do Before You Release Your Music Online

You’ve finally completed your masterpiece and waiting for it to be released online, but before you hit ‘publish,’ you should remember these things. You might start to worry about how people will react to your music or what the general public thinks of it. It’s natural for artists to have some insecurities when releasing their music online. However, it’s important […]

What Is an EP?

What is EP? EP is an abbreviation for Extended Play. It’s a compilation of tracks that are significantly shorter than a full album. An EP is typically released by an artist or band to introduce themselves to the public or allow a fan base to purchase tracks individually, giving them more moments with their favorite artists. A good EP will […]

3 Easy Tips to Help You Successfully Market Your Music

There are a lot of challenges to consider when marketing your music for success in this digital age. Artists can start by finding out which platforms they need to use, whether YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or Instagram. For aspiring artists wanting to take their musical career into their own hands, it’s important to fully understand the principles of marketing and promotion […]