How To Take Good Photos of Jewelry? 

How To Take Good Photos of Jewelry? 

If you are a small jewelry business or a content creator who likes to show off their bling, then you want to portray your jewelry in the best way possible for your customers/audience to see. Here are some tips on how to take good photos of your jewelry so you stand out from the rest.

  • Make Use of a White Background 

If you have ever taken a picture of jewelry and found it to be overexposed or otherwise poorly exposed, you may not know that there is a simple trick that ensures you get the white backplate (or front plate) in the shot. This is best done with a simple roll of white paper, which can lighten up your backdrop and draw focus to your product without any other color taking over the shot.

  • Select The Right Aperture

The “aperture” is the point at which light enters a camera. The aperture is the hole in the lens that allows light into the camera’s sensor. Choosing the correct aperture is one of a photographer’s most important decisions. When you are looking through a viewfinder and are seeing a blurry image, you know you have the wrong aperture. The larger the opening, the more light gets in so that a small aperture can create a dark background, while a large aperture can let everything in the photo be in focus. The aperture is expressed as a number—the lower the number, the larger the aperture.

  • Give Focus Stacking a Try

At first, focus stacking may seem complicated, but this creative technique is easy to master. It is a method for capturing multiple photographs of the same subject with multiple focal points, or in one case, using three different points to create the illusion of three different subjects. The result is a single image with interesting depth and a cohesive feel. Focus stacking is a popular technique used to create beautiful images. If you have ever been dissatisfied with your photographs, then you may like the appeal of this technique.

  • Make Use of Macro Lens

Macro photography is a great way to share the beauty of jewelry with the world, but it is not always easy to achieve. The key is to hold the camera steady, put your elbows on a table or other non-moving surface to reduce shaking, if you are holding the camera, and get a good focus so that the ring is not blurred.

  • Make Use of Natural Light

When you are taking pictures of jewelry, it is important to take them in natural light. This means that the room in which the jewelry is being photographed needs to have no light coming in from the windows. The light in a room that is overcast is ideal for jewelry photography. There are a lot of tools out there that will help you master your camera and identify good lighting scenarios, yet most of the information is still very general. It is important to look at specifically what you want to capture and see which lighting style suits your needs.

There are numerous ways to capture great photos of jewelry, but no matter what method you decide, you are sure to want to take some great shots of your prized possessions. Many people do not take the time to take good pictures of their jewelry—but this is such a big part of their wardrobe and style that they should.


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