What Is an EP?

What is EP? EP is an abbreviation for Extended Play. It’s a compilation of tracks that are significantly shorter than a full album. An EP is typically released by an artist or band to introduce themselves to the public or allow a fan base to purchase tracks individually, giving them more moments with their favorite artists. A good EP will […]

3 Easy Tips to Help You Successfully Market Your Music

There are a lot of challenges to consider when marketing your music for success in this digital age. Artists can start by finding out which platforms they need to use, whether YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or Instagram. For aspiring artists wanting to take their musical career into their own hands, it’s important to fully understand the principles of marketing and promotion […]

Tips for Using Your Sketchbook

With the popularity of digital drawing tablets growing at a rapid rate, there is a need to know how to use this technology. A sketchbook is a great tool for both practicing drawing and learning how to think about forms. It’s also an excellent tool for developing ideas and meeting deadlines. Sketchbooks have been used for an array of artistic […]

Making Prints of Your Art

Making prints of your art can be a simple or a complex process depending on the type and complexity of the work to be made. The idea of having a physical print of an original is appealing to many artists. Whether it’s a piece of art that you have in your home, or a piece of art that you’ve created, […]